Pretty Potato

Pretty PotatoI love the many thousands of things one can do to potatoes. One evening led me to experimenting with potato leading to some quite pretty results. These are Saute potato cubes with a parmesan mash at a kumara chip. The textures and the marriage of simple flavours makes this little number a mouthful of delight.


The large Maris Piper potatoes were cut-up into 1 inch cubes, the off cuts were put into a pot of boiling water to start the mash. The kumara (sweet potato) was shaved into fine strips using a peeler ready to be fried off.

The potato cubes were then fried in hot oil and turned as they browned on the outsides. The kumara was shallow fried for a couple of minutes (or less) to crisp up. As the potato cubes became ready, they were transferred into a bowl where I tossed them in flaked sea salt, pepper and a touch of cayenne chilli powder.

The mash was made with the skin on potatoes, a generous shaving of parmesan, a touch of cream, butter, salt and pepper. To finish the kumara, I refried it quickly in the hot oil to give it an extra crisp.

On the plate

Plating these potatoes were easy, though you need to do them quickly if you are doing many as they cool fast. Heating the plate before hand helps a little.

On top of the cubes is a teaspoon of the parmesan mash and it is finished with the kumara chip.


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