Street food in the City of Hong Kong

20150226_210538One of the amazing things about most Asian countries is the street food. I recently came back from a trip out to Hong Kong and just had to share with you some of my favourite places.

Every time I visit this country one of the things I crave is the ability to walk around the city and find little hidden gems. Most of these are in the form of food stalls and often you will find me on the streets with food in my mouth or on a B-line towards the next food stall. Whether its the many types of freshly baked breads, dumplings, sweets or the popular curried fish balls and siu mai; there’s something for everyone and enough for the adventurous to step out a bit . Two of my favorite spots to date are around the New Territory town of Tai Po and on the bustling streets in Mong Kok, however you will pretty much find stalls selling food almost anywhere you go in Hong Kong.

Here are some of my current favourites:20150226_211257

Octopus Balls – These are light and fluffy balls of batter filled with Octopus tentacles and cabbage topped with Japanese mayo, Teriyaki sauce and dried shaved shallots.

Curried Fish balls and Street Siu Mai – always a big street food in Hong Kong sold almost anywhere and by the catering load to the hundreds of people that flood towards the wonderful smell. The traditional Pork filled siu mai are replaced with fish paste in this street version, however this does not detract from the enjoyment of these amazing treats. With a bit of soy or curry sauce, they go down a cheap treat.20150220_163645

Little egg waffles – these are similar to the run off the mill waffles however though they use a similar sweet batter, however the mould is different. The result; many hollow egg shaped tear off pieces of crisp waffle goodness.

Dumplings – There is one chain stall that I go back to time and time again. their dumplings are just fantastic and simple with just enough thickness and moisture in the skin and generous amounts of filling. all at a very reasonable price. They do meal deals that include one of my favourite beverages – “bubble tea”, which is ice cold milk tea in which are glutinous black tapioca beads that add a bit of novelty and texture to the tea.

Ja Leung – Chinese ‘fried bread’ rolled in rice noodleJa Leung sheets covered with a mixture of peanut sauce, Hoi sin sauce, topped with sesame seeds

So there you go, make sure you give it a shot if you are ever out that way.


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